Skatepark Parties


Sundays from 4:30pm – £75 per hour


The skatepark is available as a great party venue. Included is private use of the park, two experienced skate workers at your service, all our boards and safety equipment, your music on the sound system, use of the kitchen to prepare food, and the park’s seating area for eating it up. Staff can hold a group tuition session to help everybody try skateboarding, or simply supervise and support everybody using the park. Voted 5* on!

You can use our room availability calendar to see if your date is potentially free. If there is an orange slot at 4:30 in the skatepark then a booking has been made already. A yellow slot means we are dealing with a provisional booking, so it’s still worth getting in touch.

Before making a booking request, please make sure you have read through all of the party guidelines below. To enquire, fill out the subsequent form in as much detail as possible. If you want to contact us with any initial questions beforehand, you can email us at

We will then be in touch to discuss your request further.

Skate Party Guidelines


General information

A party is charged at £75 per hour and includes use of the skatepark, two experienced skate instructors, use of BYC’s skateboards and safety equipment, and the kitchen prepare and food if wanted. Please ask our staff if you have any further requests. The length of time does not need to be to the hour.

Payment is payable by bank transfer in full. You will be sent payment details once your booking is confirmed.

The park has a seating area to serve and eat food if desired. Any time for this will have to be factored in to your booking.

Bookings must be made with at least two weeks notice in order to guarantee staff availability. If you are trying to book with less notice we will still try and accomodate your booking but cannot guarantee this. If your date is free in our online calendar, it does not mean that we can guarantee its availability as we may have had prior enquiries.

If your chosen date has already been booked, you are welcome to request for your party to be held after the existing booking, although again we reserve the right to refuse this subject to staff availability.

As parties run after public skate sessions, access to the building may not be available earlier than 15 minutes before your reserved time, and access to the park may not be available until the time of your booking. Staff will do their best to be ready and allow you to set up and start as quickly as possible.

A small amount of free parking is available against the rear wall of the building, but space cannot be guaranteed for all.



Here are the general guidelines for how our instructors can run a party. Please read through so we can discuss this when booking. Staff members will be made aware of requirements but we also recommend having a brief talk with them upon arrival.

Tuition – This will be done in the style of one of our tuition classes. Recommended if attendees are new to skateboarding, staff members will go through the basics of skateboarding as a group. For this, we ask that all attendees are made aware of what the party will entail beforehand and are happy to join in and have a go at skateboarding, as we must have the entire group participating together. This will generally require a smaller group (see below).

Open use – For groups who want to have private use of the park to practice their activity. For this users would be expected to be able to use a skatepark safely and independently. Our staff will be on hand to supervise and ensure everyone is safe and enjoys themselves, as well as offering support and help to skaters. If there are some attending who are new to skating staff will be able to help out, although this will be more limited than in group tuition, as the priority is on supervision. The more responsible everyone is the more help we can give!


Participant Numbers / Age

Our general limit for an open use party is 15. If you want us to hold group tuition, our limit is 10, to keep in line with our tuition courses. We are happy to discuss this depending on age and experience. BYC reserves the right to lower this number further depending on average age or requirements, if we feel the party may be unsafe or unmanageable.

The absolute minimum age for participating in the skatepark is five years. For party requests for groups of younger children (5-7), we may put a lower number on participants. This is due to the nature of the activity and the facility, and ensuring our staff are confident the group will stay safe. Open use parties with particularly young age groups are something we may not be confident in assuring the safety of, and cannot guarantee going ahead with.


Other wheeled activities

If the party is not being run with tuition, users are free to bring scooters or roller skates to use. We would expect all attending to have some competence in their chosen activity. Bikes are not permitted. Climbing / running on the ramps is also not permitted. If group tuition is being held we ask that all attendees are taking part with skateboarding.


Usage and Safety

While parties are our most lenient times as far as usage of the park, we still expect users to partake in a safe manner. The space is to be used for wheeled sports only and not for climbing, running, kiss chase, board throwing competitions or anything similar. Staff will be on hand to offer guidance on using the park safely, and reserve the right to stop activity for anybody who cannot demonstrate this after being told.

Our staff are responsible for activity in the skatepark, and will make sure everybody is using the park appropriately and safely. The activity does of course carry risks, and we cannot guarantee there is no risk of injury through skateboarding. Parents and guardians present during the party are ultimately responsible for the overall safety and behaviour of attendees outside of appropriate skatepark activity. We request at least two responsible adults to be present during the party’s duration.


Except for that it’s all smiles and sunshine 🙂