Parties & Private Hire

06/12 UPDATE: due to the impending rebuild of the centre, we are currently due to vacate the premises in February earliest. We are currently only taking bookings up to the end of January. We will update this page as soon as we have more information. Please get in touch if you want to enquire about a date.

Sundays at 4:30pm – £75 per hour


The skatepark is available as a great party venue. You can either have a group instruction if all your partygoers are new to skateboarding, or simply have the place to yourselves for a private session.

Included with your booking you’ll get

  • Private use of the park
  • Two experienced skate workers at your service
  • All our boards and safety equipment to use
  • Your music on the sound system
  • Use of the kitchen to prepare food, and the park’s seating area for eating it up

You can look through Sundays on our room availability calendar to see if your date is potentially free. A green slot at 4:30pm in the skatepark means a booking has been made already, as illustrated below. A yellow slot means we are dealing with a provisional booking, so it’s still worth getting in touch.

Please note –  Your requested date showing as available does not guarantee that it will be free on request.

Before making a booking request, please make sure you have read through all of the party guidelines below. To enquire, fill out the subsequent form in as much detail as possible. We will then be in touch to discuss your request further.

We will prioritise requests on a first come first serve basis, based only on receipt of an enquiry through the submission form. If you want to contact us with any initial questions beforehand, you can email us at

Skate Party Guidelines

General information

A party is charged at £75 per hour and includes use of the skatepark, two experienced skate instructors, use of BYC’s skateboards and safety equipment, and the kitchen to prepare and food if wanted. Please ask our staff if you have any further requests. The length of time does not need to be to the hour.

As with all our provision, the minimum age for any participant in the skatepark is 5 years old.

Payment is payable by bank transfer in full. You will be sent payment details once your booking is confirmed. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received the payment.

The park has a seating area to serve and eat food if desired. Any time for this will have to be factored in to your booking.

Bookings must be made with at least two weeks notice in order to guarantee staff availability. If you are trying to book with less notice we will still try and accomodate your booking but cannot guarantee this. If your date is free in our online calendar, it does not mean that we can guarantee its availability as we may have had prior enquiries.

As parties run after public skate sessions, access to the building may not be available earlier than 15 minutes before your reserved time, and access to the park may not be available until the time of your booking. Staff will do their best to be ready and allow you to set up and start as quickly as possible.



Here are the general guidelines for how our instructors can run a party. Please read through so we can discuss this when booking. Staff members will be made aware of requirements but we also recommend having a brief talk with them upon arrival.

Tuition – Recommended if attendees are new to skateboarding. Staff members will go through the basics of skateboarding as a group.

The maximum number of participants we allow for a group lesson is 10. We may also insist on a lower number if participants are particularly young.

Group lessons are for groups who all have a similar amount of skateboarding experience. If the birthday child is a keen skateboarder but all of their friends are brand new to it, please consider this as they will need to exercise some patience as we teach the whole group, and won’t be able to do their own thing for the party!

We ask that all attendees are made aware that they will be coming to have a go at skateboarding beforehand and are happy to join in and give it a try, as we must have the entire group participating together. We recommend keeping the lesson to one hour for children, plus any extra time should you want to serve food / cake.

Open use – For groups who want to have private use of the park to practice their activity.

Our general limit for an open use hire is 15 participants. We may ask to lower this number depending on average age or requirements, if we feel the party may be unsafe or unmanageable.

For open use, participants would be expected to have some experience riding and using skateparks, and be able to use a skatepark safely and independently. Our staff will be on hand to supervise and ensure everyone is safe and enjoys themselves, as well as offering support and help to skaters.

If there are some attending who are new to skating then please let us know the breakdown when enquiring. Staff will be able to help out, although this will be more limited than in group tuition, as the priority is on supervision. The more responsible everyone is the more help we can give.

Open use parties with particularly young age groups are something we may not be confident in assuring the safety of, and cannot guarantee going ahead with.


Other wheeled activities

If the party is not being run with tuition, users are free to bring scooters or roller skates to use. We would expect all attending to have some competence in their chosen activity. Bikes are not permitted as the park is not big enough to use them safely. Climbing / running on the ramps / using skateboards sitting down is also not permitted. We do not have scooters or roller skates to lend out.

If group tuition is being held then all participants will need to be skateboarding.


Usage and Safety

All users are expected to partake in a safe manner. The space is to be used for wheeled sports only and not for climbing, running, kiss chase, board throwing competitions or anything similar. Staff will be on hand to offer guidance on using the park safely, and reserve the right to stop activity for anybody who cannot demonstrate this after being told.

Our staff are responsible for activity in the skatepark, and will make sure everybody is using the park appropriately and safely. The activity does of course carry risks, and we cannot guarantee there is no risk of injury through skateboarding. Parents and guardians present during the party are ultimately responsible for the overall safety and behaviour of attendees outside of appropriate skatepark activity. We request at least two responsible adults to be present during the party’s duration.

Except for that it’s all smiles and sunshine 🙂

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

BYC will issue a full refund to the account debited, if contact is made by phone or email with a request to cancel the booking at least 10 days before the start date. If notice is less than 10 days, we will issue a refund of half of the booking total. This is to cover potential loss of earnings due to denying other potential bookings. Requests for a refund on or after the date of the booking date will not be honoured. We will request account details to arrange a bank transfer for any granted refunds.

Data Usage

Personal information entered in to the following form is held by BYC. We do not share your details with any other persons or organisations. We will use this data for contacting you regarding your booking only
After requesting a booking you will be sent a link to book via a third party system. Any data entered on this system will be held by EZfacility. Their privacy policy regarding the security of your information can be found at

Make an Enquiry

Please complete the following form in full, referring to the above guidelines. We will be in touch from there.