Opening Times


In order to operate safely, we’re running a reduced schedule and limiting the number of users. All of our sessions must now be booked and pre-paid prior to attending. You will not be allowed in to a session if you haven’t done this.


6:30-8:30pm (Ages 13-19)
6:30-8:30pm (age 13+)
6:30-8:30pm (women and girls age 13+)
6:30-8:30pm (age 13+)
10am-12pm (age 5-12)
Currently closed. Check back soon.

You can book a session up to two weeks in advance. Only sessions with free spaces remaining will be visible on the calendar

Please use the name of the person who will be attending the session when registering.

Your email receipt will not indicate which session you have booked onto. You can confirm any session you’re booked on to by viewing My Schedule in the menu.

If you want to book for more than one person, you must add each name to the session individually. You will be able to buy more than one ticket at checkout, but this does not add them all to the session at once. Please read below on how to book for multiple people.



Any single two hour session

Ages 5-19 – £3.50

Ages 20+ – £4.50

BYC as a charity has greatly suffered financially over the course of 2020. As such we have made the decision to raise our prices in the skatepark for the first time in over 4 years. We hope you can understand, and we hope to be able to reduce this if things improve in the future. To read more about  the situation we’re in and how you can support us, see here.


IMPORTANT – Please read our new guidelines before attending –

We have some guidelines in place in order to operate safely under the current conditions.

  • Sessions are open to anyone aged 5 and up, unless stated.
  • Please make sure you arrive on time for your session. Use the back door of the building to enter the skatepark, and please wait downstairs until you’re called up by a member of staff. 
  • Anyone under the age of 13 will need to wear a helmet. For safety we ask you to please bring your own if possible. We can loan them out only if absolutely necessary.
  • Parents – Due to limited space we are encouraging parents not to stay in the park for open sessions unless absolutely necessary. We are also asking anyone coming to pick up a child to come promptly at the end of the session only.

How to use the booking system


Click Login in the left menu. If you need to register an account, follow these next steps. Otherwise skip to Booking

Registering an online account

If you need to register, click Register. If you are registering for somebody else, use the name of the person who will be coming to skate.

Create a username and password. You will then need to complete your registration via the email you’re sent.

Open the email and click Complete Registration, and complete your profile information. If you have registered before with our old system and have used the same name and email, your details should be picked up. Make sure these are correct, or fill them in if missing.



Choose the session you want to attend on the calendar. Only sessions with spaces available will be visible.

Choose Buy Package in the popup box. If you already have a prepaid package, you can choose Book to use it.

Buy a single skate session for your correct age group. Fill in your card details on the next page, and hit Complete Checkout.

You can confirm your booking using My Schedule in the menu. All sessions you are booked on to will be displayed.

If you want to book the same session for more than one person, you must add them to your account and book them separately. See ‘Booking for multiple people’ below.

Please confirm your session is booked and on the correct date. BYC cannot take responsibility for incorrectly booked sessions.


Cancelling a skate session

If you cannot attend a session, you can manually cancel your place up to 90 minutes before the start of the session.  Go to My Schedule and click the session you’re booked on to in the calendar, then choose Cancel Session. You will then have one package available to apply to a different session next time you want to come, without paying again. Any unattended sessions that aren’t cancelled online are non-refundable.


Booking for multiple people / booking on behalf of others

You can manage booking for multiple people on your account. If you want to book more than one space for a session, you must add each name to the session individually. You will need to add each person to your account beforehand –

Click your name in the left menu, then choose Relationships > Add Relationship

Choose the relationship to the original account and click next. If the person is on our register already, you can search their name to link their account. If not, click add and fill in their details. Check the details are correct and submit.

Now when you select a session to book on to from the calendar, you can choose who you are booking it for before buying the session. To book more than one person on to the same session, book one person as normal, then choose Filter above the calendar and change to the next person before booking again. Repeat the buying process for each person.

Buying multiple packages at the checkout process will not add them all to a session automatically. You are able to buy them all at once and apply them afterwards, if you wish. Packages bought can be used on anybody linked to your account.


Buying multiple sessions to book later

You are able to pay for multiple sessions at once, and apply them to sessions as needed. This is helpful if you need to pay for your child, but want to give them the control to book themselves on to sessions. You can bulk buy sessions, and they can log in and put their name down when they want to attend.

Click Buy in the left menu. Find the session for the correct age group and click the trolley icon to add a session to your cart. Repeat this as many times as needed, then checkout and complete the payment. You will then be able to book directly on to an eligible session, until all those sessions are used up.