Improvers Skateboard Tuition

Take skating to the next level. For ages 5 – 12

The improvers class is for young people that already have some experience on a board or have mastered the beginners, and want some assistance taking their skating to the next level. While the beginners course covers a more limited range, the improvers takes a more individual structure and lets participants learn really anything they want, venturing into the limitless world of skateboarding.

What will we learn?

  • Anything! Skating quickly becomes a very individual activity with people wanting to focus on different tricks and ramps.
  • Coaches will teach tricks that kids want to learn, as well as suggest new tricks based on their ability.
  • We’ll also spend time as a group learning things such as
    • Improving our Ollies
    • Basic ramp tricks – Rock to fakie, Rock and roll, Axle stalls etc
    • How to skate faster and more comfortably
    • Using bigger ramps and taking tricks to different obstacles
    • How to navigate a busy skatepark, use it safely and be confident skating around others
  • Skaters coming up from the beginners course can practice what they learned and work at doing it independently, as well as moving on to things not covered before.
  • Staff will give more focussed time to individuals and small groups throughout the session.
  • Being in a more free environment skaters can get comfortable being in an open park and learning more about park etiquette.

What we expect

  • Improvers is more about confidence and determination that ability. There is no set level you need to be or test to pass to join, but skaters need to be happy to be able to practice certain things on their own as staff will not be with them the entire time.

June July Term Courses

 Six weekly one hour lessons – £60


Our next lessons will start on the week of the 6th of June. To book on to any course please click the appropriate link below and complete the subsequent form, making sure to use the child’s name and D.O.B.

Please make sure your child’s ability level is suitable for the course before booking. Contact us before booking if you’re unsure.

Please note: Spaces may all be gone before booking becomes available due to priority being granted to members of our previous courses.

June / July Term Courses

If you can’t make it this time, our next term time courses will begin on the week of the 6th of June, running at the same times as above. You’ll be able to book on to them through this page from 12pm, Tuesday 17th of May. Set a reminder!

Our schedule, booking, and refund policy

Further schedule and booking details

• Courses start after every half term break, and become available to book on to through this page usually three weeks beforehand. Information on the next start and booking dates is always viewable on this page.
• Places are on a first come first serve basis. We do not take any bookings before they appear online and do not hold waiting lists.
• These courses are in high demand and often sell out fast. If there are no spaces visible on this page then there are none available. We advise you not to promise your children skateboarding lessons before booking to avoid disappointment. Each registration must be completed in full individually and we cannot guarantee your being able to book for more than one child successfully.
• Members of the previous course will be given one day’s priority to rebook for the next course via email. We recommend whitelisting to ensure you receive this email in time.
• Please remember that due to priority booking for term time courses, some places will already be taken by the time they appear on this page. In the case of the Improvers group this may be all available places.
• We also hold courses through some school holidays. These will be announced as a few weeks prior.

Refund Policy

• We will issue a full refund to the account debited, if contact is made by phone or email with a request to cancel the space at least 7 days before the start date. If notice is less than 7 days, we will issue a refund of half of the course cost. This is to cover potential loss of earnings from your space not being used. Requests for a refund on or after the date of the first lesson will not be honoured. We will request account details to arrange a bank transfer for any granted refunds.
• BYC holds no responsibility for any lessons that aren’t attended and will not issue partial refunds, discounts on future bookings, or free lessons on a future course, to make up for missed lessons.
• While we will do our best to assist you, we take no responsibility for a booking made on to the wrong course date, and make no guarantee we can alter the booking.

Data Usage

Personal information entered in to the following form is held by EZ facility. Their privacy policy regarding the security of your information can be found at We do not share your details with any other persons or organisations. We will use this data for contacting you regarding your booking, and for in house statistic gathering regarding usage of our centre, which is required for funding purposes.