Youth Club


Art in Mind 4-7pm

Art in Mind is a Brighton based community group for young people with experience of mental health issues who are passionate about raising awareness about mental health issues through art. They create and show their artwork in exhibitions, museums and in the mental health and education resources they create themselves and with the other groups and organisations they work with. They also run mental health themed art workshops to other young people and groups in the Brighton area.

Contact Sam to sign up or message them on instagram to find out more.

Instagram: @art_in_mind_brighton




Live Lounge 7-9pm
13-19 ye

Live Lounge is BYC’s Tuesday open drop-in youth club. Come to relax with friends in an evening full what you want. Food, films, football, skateboarding, arts, music, support, MCing, table tennis, pool and much more are on hand. Get involved in whatever you want to do, or just do nothing. The young people run the session!


B.fest Board 

Wednesday 6-7pm 

Come and help run B.fest, the Brighton Youth Art festival, join the board.

DM Bfest on Instagam of Facebook to sign up, as the board doesnt run all year round.



Wednesday 6:30pm-9pm
13-19 years is a gaming events group, for people who like games of any style. Whether you are D’n’D player or halo lover we will play them. With the first half of the session dedicated to board and tabletop games and the second half dedicated to video games, there’s something for everyone. 

Get in touch through our instagram or send us an email for further information or if you are looking to get involved!