Youth Club

Live Lounge

Tuesdays 7-9pm
13-19 ye

Live Lounge is BYC’s¬†Tuesday open drop-in youth club. Come to relax with friends in an evening full what you want. Food, films, football, skateboarding, arts, music, support, MCing, table tennis, pool and much more are on hand. Get involved in whatever you want to do, or just do nothing. The young people run the session!

Members Meeting and Youth Club

Wednesday 7-9pm
13-19 years

Wednesday is our members’ session for young people who want to get more involved in what’s going on at BYC. The first 30/45 minutes is spent together, discussing issues, doing something as a group or planning upcoming events and activities. Followed by youth club. You need to come along to three Tuesday sessions and want to get involved before joining Wednesday sessions. Speak to a youth worker to find out more


Wednesday 4-6pm
13-19 years is a gaming events group, for people who like games of any style. Whether you are D’n’D player or halo lover we will play them.

Junior Youth Club

BYC also runs a Junior Youth Club on Thursday evenings.

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