Members Statement

Please read our members statement and then follow the link at the bottom to register.

BYC is a place for young people that is friendly, accepting, where everybody should feel welcome, at home, and that they can trust one another.

BYC is a charity, which means that we don’t have lots of staff, funding or resources. We want to use these to provide more things for young people to do. If there is something you want to see, you can tell us and we will do our best to make it happen.  As members we want you to be involved in decisions and in making things happen.

BYC takes your details because we have to have them in case something happens to you. We will use these if you have an accident, or if we think that you are going to cause harm to yourself or to other people. We also have to record names of people who come to our sessions so we can feed back to our funders. We do this on a database called Aspire. This is the same system that the schools use and can only be accessed by authorised professionals. You can tell us if you don’t want your information to be reported in this way.

If you are concerned or have any problems with what’s happening, speak to a youth worker. If your concerns are with a member of staff, you can ask to speak to a lead youth worker, and if your problems are with one of the lead youth workers, we can tell you how to contact the CEO.

If we have problems with your behaviour, we will talk to you first and try to resolve it. If this doesn’t work we will tell you/your group that you can’t attend BYC until you have arranged a meeting with a lead youth worker. In this meeting we will discuss and reflect with you what happened, its impact and a resolution. We will then discuss how you can return to BYC.  In some serious incidences, or where we have made reasonable requests, and there has been no change to the situation, we will contact parents/carers or your school/police or other services.

We will always follow up on behaviour that causes risk or harm to other young people or yourself, such as bullying and threatening behaviour. We also have no choice but to challenge you on anything that is illegal, like drug and alcohol use in and around the building. People who are intoxicated also make other members feel unsafe and affect young people who might want or need a sober space. It puts BYC at risk as a youth centre. We want members to take responsibility for the space and think about how your actions impact other members and BYC as a whole.

Please register here to give us your details so you can join youth club.