Week To View

  Sat 23rd Oct – LAUNCH Mon 25th Oct Tues 26th Oct Wed 27th Oct Thur 28th Oct Fri 29th
DS2 4-6pm Cultureground private view
Unplugged Live music 4-6pm
4-9pm Cultureground        
DS2 4-7pm AIM Sticker and badge jam
4-7pm Making it out
4-8pm Hidden paths VR experience
4-7pm Art in Mind Open Session Home Truths  4-9pm 4-7PM Hidden Paths VR Experience    
Gym 4-8pm Hado   4-6pm Aerial Class      
Live Lounge 4-7pm DJ Workshops with Lady E
4-7pm 3D Pen workshop
4-6PMDrama/improv workshop
6-8PM Stage combat workshop
7-9pm Youth Club
7.30-8.30 Custom Cup cakes Comp
7-9pm Brushwerks Halloween makeup workshop
D&D with Josh 4-7pm
6-9pm B.game
Art Room     6-9pm Photography workshop Photoworks Poetry and Spoken Word Workshop 4-6.30pm    
Outside 4-6pm Spray Paint Workshop 4-6pm Spray Paint Workshop   4-6pm Spray Paint Workshop    
Skate Park 4-6pm DJ set up – Josh and Tom
4-8pm free for 13-19 yrs
4-6/6-8pm All ages (Free for 13-19) 5-9pm 13-19 yrs (Free entry) 5-9pm 13+ yrs (Free for 13-19) 5-9pm Girls 13+ yrs (Free for 13-19) 4-6/6-8pm All ages (Free for 13-19)
Basement 4-7pm – Check out the jam space 0 band and equipment room   Vocal Zone 4-5.30pm 4-6pm AudioActive music taster – Vocalise’ and ‘Equaliser’    
Venue B 4-5pm Dance workshop Jamaal
Dance Show 5.15-6.15pm
5.15-5.45pm Jamaal Performance
6-10pm Venue B Gig
5-6.30pm B.fest Film night
7.30-10pm Nova at Venue B
4-6pm I Love Youth Work Conference
6-9pm Venue B Gig
4-6,30pm Performer workshop/comedy prep
7-9pm Skratch show/open Mic
YC Visit Crawley with band/acts in the eve 7-10pm Josh and Tom DJ event
White Crane Kickboxing taster 6pm
Kung fu taster 7pm
  Project Female Dance Workshop 4-5.30pm      
Crawley, Legacy – Croydon         4-7pm OPEN DAY Bottega