Registering as a BYC member

In order to take part in our activities here you need to fill out a consent form to join our membership list. BYC advises everybody to do this on the websute beforehand to save time.

If you are 13 or over you can do this yourself. You can save time by joining here, or if not you will be asked to give your details at some point during a session.

If you are 12 or below you will need to have a parent or guardian do this for you as we must have consent from them. If they attend a session they can do it then, if not they will need to do it here.

*If you have registered yourself or your child via our online booking system in the past, eg for a skate tuition course, you do not need to do it again

The registration link is below. The phone number section is for a parent’s contact. Please fill at least one as well as a different number for the emergency contact.

Note – This is NOT a form for joining BYC’s skate tuition courses, and filling out the form through this link will not secure a place on any course.