Over the last year we’ve plastered the walls outside the park with over 1000 images submitted by users of BYC. The final stage of the piece will involve covering the floor, creating a completely immersive collage. 

Of course we’ll need a lot more images! If you’ve got anything you’d like to have up there then upload them straight to us and they’ll be added in. Some suggestions on what you could give us…

  • Skate photos
  • Photos of you or your friends
  • Your favourite photos
  • Skate spots
  • Artwork
  • Drawings
  • Skate posters
  • Magazine cutouts
  • Flyers
  • Memes
  • Really bad memes
  • Text (A story, memories, who knows)
  • Pretty much anything else (unoffensive) you can think of.

Fancy being etched into history? We’ve made it simple to submit your pics for it.

The easiest way to send us anything digital is to just hit the link above or below and upload pics straight from your PC or phone. This will dump it in a big folder at our end and we’ll print them up for you. Upload as many as you want, the more the better.


Otherwise you’re welcome to email them, DM them to us on Instagram or Facebook, or bring in something in person. If you have something you want to keep, we’re happy to scan it here so you can take it home again. The larger / higher resolution the photo the better! Try and send the original images and not compressed versions.