Update – 14/3

We’ve heard a few people say they “don’t feel they’re good enough” to apply for the role. Part of why we’re offering the placement is to explore reasons why people might feel this way about a role like this. If you feel that way you may well be just what we’re looking for. Please don’t let anything hold you back, and if you’re still in doubt please get in touch beforehand to ask any questions – it’s important to us to hear about what might be holding you back.

The application deadline has been extended to Wednesday the 27th of March.

We have an exciting placement opportunity for budding female skaters interested in working within skateboarding.

We’re looking for one or two female skaters to work with us on an 8 week paid placement here in the skatepark. It will involve –

  • Working alongside the team in a variety of different sessions.
  • General staffing of the park, including signing in attendees and supervising sessions.
  • Helping to teach skateboarding to people of varying ages and abilities, both in structured lessons and on a casual basis.
  • Taking part in evaluations of your time here, your views and experiences within skateboarding, and discussions about how we can help make skateboarding and our offers here more inclusive.

The aim for us is to explore the issues surrounding gender in skateboarding and barriers to participation for girls and women, and helping us work on addressing the gender imbalance in both skateboarding and specifically skateboard coaching & job roles. At the same time we want to give the opportunity for somebody interested in the field to receive some training and experience.


Work placement info –

  • Minimum age for applicants is 18.
  • Start date – Week of the 8th of April 2019.
  • 8 week placement, working two 3-4 hour shifts a week.
  • Times will vary and can be flexible to fit around you to some degree, but will need to include some 4pm weekday starts, and a number of shifts at She Shredders on Thursday evenings. There will also be some time to evaluate your experience here in discussions with staff.
  • Pay rate will be £8.21 per hour.
  • Successful applicants will need to be DBS checked. We will arrange this ourselves on your behalf.


We are looking for someone who –

  • Is reasonably competent at skateboarding.
  • Has an overall basic knowledge of skating, including tricks, culture and apparatus.
  • Has an understanding of the learning practice of skateboarding.
  • Has an understanding of or thoughts around the role of gender in skateboarding, and is keen to explore ideas around it and share their views.
  • Has some experience in, or a desire to learn about, working with young people and teaching skateboarding.
  • Has good communication skills.



To apply for the role, please complete the application form, referring to the candidate requirements listed above for guidance. Email your completed application to skatepark@brightonyouthcentre.org.uk, or post them to Brighton Youth Centre directly.

If you have any questions or are unclear on anything you’ve read and would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the same email address.

Deadline for applications are Wednesday 27th March.

Successful applicants will be invited to an interview stage, currently scheduled to be Tuesday 2nd of April.

Application Form

*This role is an exception to the Equality Act 2010 under section 159. We are looking to employ a female worker to support and encourage the growth of the female skate scene, as it is currently under represented within the sport.