Saturday January 27th

10pm – Sunrise


As part of our fundraising efforts, a group of our regular skaters volunteered themselves to take on the challenge of an all night skate session at BYC.

Starting at 10pm, all 20 charged through the whole night until 8 the next morning. Incredible to see everybody enjoying themselves through the whole night, and still skating right at the 10 hour mark (perhaps with a break or two in the middle)


Between them they’ve all worked hard and have raised an amazing amount for the cause already. We’re keeping the donation links up until Monday 12th of February, at which point we’ll announce the final amount raised, and who raised the most to win the top 3 prizes!

To donate to any of our young athletes, or make a general contribution that will go towards everyone, click the relevant button below to donate by card. We’ll be updating our fundraising total as it comes in.

Charlie Scriven

Diggs English

Robin Lineham

Chloe Reed

Evan Johnson

Andre Davies

Jonathan Sherlock

Eddie Mounfield

Verona Moitt

Mack Felix-Smith

Charlie Kingsbury

Jade Allen

Max Melvin

Noah Peters

Oli Kondo-Whitehurst

Eddie Booth

Tillman Ray

Myles Stevens

Spike Edwards

General donation (spread evenly)